Hey, Rhys here. 18 years old, just started college, and a huge sports fan. A die-hard Dolphin and Hurricane fan, watch football religiously. Studying sports journalism in hopes of becoming an ESPN analyst in the future. "Its all about the U"
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Hey guys, im Chris. 17 and a senior in high school. A Miami kid loving sports in this big city. Recently found a huge interest and love for sports Journalism and really looking forward to attending FSU in the future"Go Noles" Living Breathing and Sleeping Miami Dolphins football since 94.
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This was the title given to this #1v#2 SEC matchup before their bye weeks. The anticipation was built to such a magnitude that it would’ve been hard not to feel it across the nation. Saturday comes along, and you don’t even need to watch College Gameday to know Tuscaloosa is rocking. This was the game that made every other game on before or during obsolete. Hell even I made sure I wouldn’t miss this game. This game is kind of a big deal

The first two plays of the game made it look like ‘Bama had figured out LSU’s defense right out of the gate. But oh how deceiving that turned out to be. After the first minute, defenses decided to control the game. The first half was practically taken over by special teams, LSU’s punter pinning the Bama offense inside the five twice while both Alabama kickers couldn’t hit sand if they were on a beach. At first, I was surprised why Les Miles didn’t go for a TD at the end of the half. But as the game progressed I knew why he didn’t.. He didn’t need a TD. 

As the fourth quarter was winding down, it only built the suspense even more, and possibly gave the loser of this game a better shot of playing in the title game. In overtime, Alabama was faced with yet another obstacle… Making a Field Goal. Their kicker, which I only hope is not on a scholarship, was short by a good eight yards. Five plays later, LSU ended the most hyped game of the season the only way either team could.. Field Goal. 

Was this the game of the century? It’s up there. The three that automatically come to me as game of the century so far are Canes-Buckeyes, Boise-Oklahoma, and App State-Michigan. In my opinion, I love physical defensive type matchups, so yes I loved watching this game because not one yard went unearned. Talking to blogger Steven Lebron last night, I made a comparison to a typical Steelers-Ravens game because they both play physical football. Those linebackers for Bama sure fit the description for a physical NFL linebacker. 

Now with that being said, I would be very disappointed if I saw a rematch in the title game. I think that an undefeated team, except for Houston (Sorry Cougars, not enough on your schedule) should get a shot at LSU in the title game if the Tigers run the table. So if this means that, by any string of luck, Stanford and Ok State lose, Boise should get to the title game and have the matchup that has been in debate for four years. 

Mock Rankings. Biggest game remaining in parenthesis.

1. LSU (Arkansas at Tiger Stadium)

2. OK State (Oklahoma at Stillwater)

3. Stanford (Oregon at Stanford)

4. Boise State (TCU at the SmurfTurf)

5. Alabama (The Iron Bowl at Auburn)


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