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Wow its been a while. What better way to come back to this blog than to discuss my hometowns most recent championship team. This isn’t to praise the heat though, no i’m going to go in a different direction here. This will be towards the “Heat faithful”.

This series, for being a quick five game series, was a very entertaining one. On a personal note, Lebron, I congratulate you for finally getting your first ring, and well deserved at that. I was his toughest critic (besides Skip Bayless) and now I cant say much if anything at all after these playoffs. But as I saw him being as jubilant as ever and everyone around me cheering, all I could think of is ‘06. The number of fans that went crazy six years ago and how it diminished it just two short years. Then Lebron comes and its like you found every “fan” who went on a fandom hiatus apparently. My anger with this fan base is this whole “us against the world” mentality. There’s one reason why its like that, the fans. 

Every newborn Heat fan has this sense of its Heat or bust. The Heat are the best team, Lebron is the best player, and anyone who tries to beat them or get in their way are bitches. What?? Are you kidding me??? “Yea thats right Durant, cry your ass back to Oklahoma”. I heard that and I flipped. Why do most Heat fans think its fashionable to talk crap about the other team? Every newborn Heat fan forgot one thing when they came running with open arms and flags to this team: How to not be a Heat fan, but to be an NBA fan. 

Guess what, I thought the Heat were gonna lose game 6 at Boston. O what you had faith? Bull. You were crapping yourself after the game five loss, but you didnt want to show it because you wanted to be one of the few believers. Cute. If you had to bet your own money on that game, ill bet you wouldve placed down a grand on Boston. O what does that not make me a Heat fan? How about when I said the Thunder could just as easily beat us as we can beat them? Yea im just a terrible fan. Bandwagoner. Mhm. Continue to talk about how your flags were bought after the Big three came and not when they went 15-67. 

Since Heat fans lack reality, let me be the voice. Guess what Heat fans, whether you like it or not, the Thunder will be the team of the decade, not the Heat. Our title window is closing because that blue team with the faithful fanbase is young, dam good, and has the West in its hands for the next six years. And Durant? By the end of next year, he will be the best player in the NBA, better than our pretty little King James. Erik Spoelstra? He’s a dam good coach and deserves a ton of credit for this title since everyone was gonna blame him if we lost. Mario Chalmers? Our PG for the future, even though 99% of you people think he deserves to leave. Title comparison? ‘06 was waaaaay better than this squad, even though no one outside of five people can remember the starting friggin five. O do I sound angry? Guess what, I am.

Why is this anger? Because this right here is pain. Pain of having to watch my beloved Heat team struggle to death during that ‘07-‘08 season to put together the worst record in the league that season. Anger because im a fan of the game and since I dont follow the hate train like the other Heat fans, im a horrible Heat fan. And when we won, everyone acted as if they had been there through it all. When it reality, only certain Heat fans, true fans, knew that Lebrons short statement meant two things, even if Lebron only meant it for himself. “its about dam time” 1. about time he got his ring. 2. about time we climbed out the abyss that was ‘07. 

Heat fans still have a ways to go before they can consider themselves true. But it begins with much needed silence when it comes to hating other teams and understanding that there will be a passing of the baton real soon. Start being a fan of the game and maybe people outside of Miami wont hate us. Just watch, in a few years when the big three leave, lets see how many people stay with their “team”, tweeting during every game, buying gear, and watching every game like its their religion. 

From the bottom of this Heat fans heart. (hehe poor Bartman)

O wait, no i refuse to waste my time writing about a game that makes flag football laugh. So i guess ill start writing on basketball (and criticizing Miami’s every move because im like that). One month into this lockout season, here are my Five disappointments and five “whoa diiiid not see that coming“‘s so far.


1. The city of Los Angeles. The Black Mamba, CP3, Pau Gasol, Blake Griffin, Big Shot Billups. When one arena houses two teams that has these type of players, you expect the combined win total to be waaay more than 24 through 39 games. So what the hell is going on out here? The “Lob City” version of this arena is playing run and gun, completely abandoning any defensive efforts whatsoever, while the older, classier version is getting old. No PG play has been their biggest fault thus far (besides the whole Lamar Odom absence).

2. The entire Pacific Division. 43 wins between 5 teams. The top three in the Southeast division have that total (well the only three, I dont think we can consider Charlotte and Washington to be NBA teams). Three teams sitting under 500, under 400 for that matter, and just atrocious records across the board.

3. Since we bring up the Pacific, lets bring up a division that is abysmal thus far. One team above 500, no team with a winning road record, and this division still has the New York Knicks. They have more combined wins, 45, but come on.. New York? Really??

4. Memphis Grizzlies. Even im stumped on this one. I had them being a top four West team. They’re clinging onto top four in the Southwest, although having 10 wins and being a fourth place team is nothing to be down about. We just expected better play than this so far. Hopefully Rudy, Z-BO, and CO. can get it together soon.

5. New York Knicks. This is all kidding aside. This superstar studded “Big 3” they claimed to have has been anything but. Tyson is good, but he wont reach a height where he can be considered to be one of a big 3. Carmelo is just not doing anything productive and Amar’e is trying to out-unproduce ‘Melo (I highly doubt thats a word but who cares, a big 3 doesnt exist in NY yet they claim to have one).

Five surprises (other title is too long)

1. Minnesota Timberwolves. Wow, just wow. Everyone had them at last place. No one, Nada, Nadie, had this team winning 10 games thus far. And its not even the record, this is a very entertaining team to watch with their Spaniard Rrrrrricky Rrrrrrrubio. This is a young team that has surprised all of us, and next year this is only going to get better.

2. The Northwest Division. A 10 win team is in last place. Portland has become a tough place to play at. A Deron Williams-less squad is living pretty comfortable. Denver is enjoying great success post-Carmelo. And Oklahoma is everything we expected them to be. How awesome would it be to see five teams make it to the playoffs from the same division? It cant happen because the Southwest is too good, but just imagine for a moment. And the best part, all teams in this division, YOUNG.

3. Denver. Fun fact, Chris Andersen went to Blinn College. Sound familiar? It should, thanks to a Cameron Jerrell Newton. The Nuggets got four players along with some picks from that trade last season. Two of those players remain, which shows they got rid of Melo for the sole purpose of getting rid of him. Now this team has a bunch of role players with one star (Nene) and, dare I say, they’re getting it done so far. This is a humble team and the chemistry must be working for this group to be doing this. Kudos to you, George Karl.

4. The Southwest. The senior citizens of the group are leading the way, which goes to show you just how great of coaches Rick Carlisle and Gregg Poppa are. Then theres a middle of the pack Houston squad that looks like they’re one player away from a really good team. And Memphis which isnt off to a good start, but 10 wins isnt bad. Exclude New Orleans (come on, its not even fair) and every team is at least at 500.

5. Atlanta Hawks. Hot dam where did this come from. This is usually the team that ends up in fourth or fifth and just goes all ”exit stage left” in the first round. Nothing against them, But shouldnt this show that the athletic teams will survive in this shortened season? Great start, but I honestly dont see them holding onto this.


Is it too early to give out the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award?

He’s like a cat playing with some string.


Watching both games and watching Kyle Williams fumble the second punt of the night, I honestly thought it was a shame that both games were ultimately decided by special teams miscues. I was going to write a sarcastic piece on how to play special teams, but after an article that I read yesterday regarding Williams recieving death threats, I can’t add on to that.

Baltimore @ New England

After last weeks “win” against Houston, I was convinced that Joe Flacco just couldn’t succeed in the playoffs and the Ravens would only win because of their defense. For a team that lost this week, Both sides of the ball were clicking quite well. Flacco was very impressive, even out-Brady’d Tom Brady. The biggest blemish in his passing stats has to be his 13th incompletion of the game, a dangerous pass to the far corner of the endzone to Lee Evans with cornerback Sterling Moore’s (who?) back facing Flacco. With the ball landing perfectly in Evans hands, Moore takes a last second swipe at the ball and knocks it out of Evans hands before his second foot comes down (OO that guy). Two plays later, Cundiff goes wide left on a 32 yarder to send the Patriots to the Super Bowl. You can see the disgust on Cundiff’s face when he pushed cameras away from his face. And because of Cundiffs missed kick, Moore is the immediate hero of the game. Did the right team win? Maybe, the Patriots DID play defense for once so you can’t take that away from them. But I dont think anyone outside of Foxboro can honestly say the right team won.

New York @ San Fran

So part one of my Harbaugh picks didn’t go so well, but not to worry. Theres still another Harbaugh in the picture. A great defensive battle pinning two great front sevens and former #1 overall draft picks. Each half seeing 17 hard-earned points, hard hits, and QB attacks. Neither team was giving in and offenses at times seemed unattractive. Unfortunately for the 49ers, they had to deal with a little extra dilemma. Kyle Williams let two punt returns get away from him. The first one bounced off his leg and the second was stripped from him. Even though the first one is mostly his fault because he KNEW it hit him, this game cannot be all pinned on him. But because mistakes are more noticeable when it gets late in games, the media, and almost every human being, will place the game on his head. You want to ask 49er fans how they feel about Williams? Don’t. Ask Williams father, White Sox general manager Kenny Williams. Kyle recieved death threats after his blunders in the game. I don’t care what the circumstance is, you don’t threaten a player for making a mistake in his job because no matter where you work, you will f*** up too and no one will write you death threats, so don’t ask for his head on a stick. If you act this irrational, then maybe you don’t deserve to watch your team in the big game.

This is honestly a serious matter for me. I saw when Steve Bartman commited the most infamous play in Wrigley Field. I saw when the Rangers late-game pitchers couldn’t close out the World Series. And i’ve seen countless missed kicks to win games. Be mad at the player for not doing what they should be, but don’t put the whole game on him. Because if thats the case, then you go ahead and blame Evans for not having a tighter grip on the ball. If he does, then Cundiff won’t have to miss the field goal. Blame Alex Smith for not getting into the offensive rythm he displayed against New Orleans. If he does, the 49ers score more points and Williams would just have one fumble. Giving a player from your “beloved” team death threats will only rattle him more. His teammates will defend him all the way whether they think he blew it, or they as a team blew it. Ray Lewis, a menacing, well-respected future first ballot Hall-of-Famer, felt crushed for Billy after missing that kick. You can hear the remorse in his voice, and he honestly feels it is not his fault. But no matter what teammates say or tell the media, no one will ever feel worse for a loss than the person who committed the mistake. If anything, show the person that as a loyal fanbase, you’ll stick by him, show him that he’s worth more than just a dropped punt or a missed kick.

It really is a shame that both games, great conference championship games, were decided by special teams. It might still be a great SB matchup, but maybe its not the two teams it SHOULD be.

This can’t be happening, but I have to talk about it. It will be the last one because I want to avoid it as long as possible. Luckily I have three other games to talk about.

Cincinnati @ Houston

In my mind this was the most intruiging matchup of the first round. Two upstart teams making appearances in the playoffs squaring off against each other. I would’ve loved to have seen both teams win. Houston was more deserving of this win with their defensive performance. J.J Watt, former pizza delivery boy, sent the crowd at Reliant Stadium into a frenzy with his interception return for a score and Houston never looked back. Relying on a strong defense courtesy of Wade Phillips all season, the Texans held the Bengals scoreless in the second half and the offense was on the right track. T.J. Yates, who in my opinion is making a late push for rookie of the year, did not throw an INT and is doing what he is supposed to be doing, using their great backfield to open up the air game. As for Cincy, this loss will serve them well in the future. Once they learn how to beat the good teams, this team will look unstoppable with Andy Dalton throwing to A.J. Green, Jerome Simpson, and Jermaine Gresham.

Detroit @ New Orleans

The aerial assault known as NOS (New Orleans Saints) continued its journey with a proper and professional dissection of the Lions in the Superdome. Watching this game at a bowling alley, I thought the Lions had done a great job with stopping Drew Brees in the first half. By my fifth frame, the Saints scored a quick two TDs to take a 24-14 lead and boy it just continued from there. Brees lit up the improved Lions defense after fooling them in the first half on his way to setting a regulation playoff record with 466 passing yards. It truely is the year of the QB and Brees is just taking advantage of it. For the Lions, this team can be so much better just with the group they have on the roster now. Eliminate some injuries and some dumb penalties (Cough, The Boy Named Suh), and this team will be dangerous.

Atlanta @ New York

Oh no, only one game left to talk about before Him… Anyways, isn’t it weird how, even though the NFC still has arguably the top three teams in the league, the Giants are being given fighters chances to make it to the Super Bowl? Isn’t it flat out creepy that Eli Manning could get a second ring before his hall of fame (and should be a 5-time NFL MVP for this season) brother Peyton? Ooo dear. What this Giants defensive line did against Matt Ryan and the Falcons O-line was quite impressive, stuffing the rush and not giving Ryan time to throw the ball. Besides the safety in the second, the Falcons as a whole did not look good at all, especially the O-line in those two fourth and short opportunities. Speaking of that, don’t blame Mike Smith for that. A physical line with a physical backfield, theres no reason why the Falcons couldn’t get it through. Don’t blame Smith for taking chances and not being like every other coach. Because by saying that, then you would blame Sean Payton if that Super Bowl onside kick didn’t end up in their hands.

Pittsburgh @ Tim Tebow

(SIGH) Ok here we go. Look I still can’t explain why this is happening, partially because people who support him as a player can’t either. “he sucks, he can’t throw the ball.” “hes a great player, he wins.” Look I love sports, but I don’t know how I can evaluate him. I will say this though: You can’t find a bigger heart and a bigger gamer in the NFL than Tebow. This Pittsburgh defense, historically a good defensive team including this year. gave up 300 passing yards to the man who can’t throw the ball. I want to ignore all the defensive lapses for a second. I’ll put a lot of this loss on the Steelers backup center for two costly bad snaps, both to take Pittsburgh out of field goal range with the second probably costing them the game. I will be really mind-blown if Tebow can’t put up these numbers against the Patriots defense. 

I was planning on writing another article tomorrow, but due to a family emergency, I will hold off until things get better. I will leave you with this, a promise if you will: If the Broncos win and the Packers loss due to a current emotional setback (thoughts and prayers are with the Philbin family), I will go to a casino or any sort of betting location, and put $20 on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl or to advance to the Super Bowl. 

Watching (or in my case, missing) Tim Tebow’s game winning pass in OT against the Steelers officially makes my question very interesting, yet ill bet not many people thought about this before. For their respective sport, who would you rather have running your team, TRT or baby Bron Bron? Lets crunch some numbers, shall we?

First 14 games of career:

Tebow- 8-6

Lebron- 4-10

Advantage Tebow

Percentage first season (ill label this season as Tebows first full season):

Tebow- 46.5

Lebron- 41.7

Advantage Tebow


Im not going to lie, I dont have much stats on that, but even I can’t say that Tebow hasn’t been magical this season for whatever reason. So, advantage Tebow

First playoff game:

Tebow- 10-21, 3:16 yards, 2 passing TD’s and a rushing TD. 

Lebron- 12-27, 32 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. 

Push, although I will lean towards Bron Bron because he made history.

I really dont know who I want because I don’t like either. One plays horribly unorthodox, the other can’t be clutch to save his God Given life. So basically who do I NOT want to pick more? Lebron. 

Too much to write on just three games, so ill do a rundown on all the games that made headlines.

Green Bay @ Kansas City- Umm.. What the H happened? The prolific offense that is Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers was stopped by the Chiefs? Talk about having a bad day at the office. Whats even more surprising is that Mercury Morris, the unofficial spokesperson for the ‘72 Dolphins, said he wouldn’t mind if the Packers went undefeated. But regardless of his statement, best believe he’s still popping champagne somewhere. 

Tennessee @ Indy- In relating apocalyptic news, The Colts won a game, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at Jim Caldwell’s face. As bad as this sounds, this win puts St. Louis and Minnesota back in the Suck for Luck race. The Titans will live in infamy for quite a while if this game is the only Colts win of the season. The worst part, and its not a joke, this game might have saved Jimmy’s job for another season.. Might.

Detroit @ Oakland- You know, a part of me didn’t want that kick to be blocked because I was very interested to see if Sebastian Janikowski could have nailed that 65 yard kick. But The Boy Named Suh got in the way with a very timely block. This Detroit team is a contender in the NFC, but if Suh can’t control his anger management, it’ll just be another Lions season. 

Baltimore @ San Diego- With Houston and Pittsburgh both losing, Baltimore could be waking up to the first seed in the AFC along with New England. Instead, they joined the crowded backseat with Pitt and Houston because the Ravens Harbaugh doesn’t know that Ray Rice is the key to winning. This is a physical team, we all know about their defense and lines on both side of the ball. Rice is a physical man. Use him. 

New England @ Denver- Was I the only person thinking that down 18 with 2:30 left was easy for Tim Tebow to comeback from? Come on, you know that crazier things have happened when Tebow is in the vicinity (Marion Barber out of bounds, fumble, Onside kick against Miami, going 2/8 passing, actually being an NFL QB). But once the Pats got him for a 28 yard sack, it looked like it was over. This AFC West race is alive and crappy, and may God bless whatever team makes it out from the West. 

Pittsburgh @ San Fran- How ‘bout this stat: The Steelers are 0-3 against head coaches with the last name Harbaugh, and 10-1 against any other last name. Of course after the game a lot of analysts were questioning whether Big Ben should have played this game. But if anyone knows Big Ben’s history, there was no way he wasn’t going to play this game. With that being said, the 49ers defense is stiffling and maybe Alex Smith can’t matchup with Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, but I would love to see how the defense plays either QB, or both if they get that far.

By the way, this is some of the teams still available in the playoff hunt: Seattle and Arizona (NFC West, ‘nough said), the Giants and the 6-8 Eagles. For the AFC, Oakland, San Diego (AFC West, ditto), and the Tennessee team that lost to the Colts. 

Fantasy Update: Pass

Just like we drew it up in practice

There is quite a lot to talk about, and since finals took over the previous two weeks of my life, ill try to make up for lost time right now. 

T.J. Yates MVP?

If you want a team to own the resilience title for the year, make sure you hand it to the Houston Texans. And i’ll personally give the Guinness “Brilliant!” award to whoever had the idea to draft this Yates kid. He has led this Houston team to two more wins in their current 7 game win streak, including an impressive fourth quarter drive against Cincinnati to win the game. And like in Tim Tebows case, it helps Yates a lot that the defense is playing out of its mind. This Houston team has overcome so many injuries this year, and for them to be winning with a third string quarterback is amazing. whats even more amazing is that they haven’t lost a step in the AFC race. 

Tim Tebow comeback… Again.

This win had to be because of outside forces. Marion Barber does not fumble. No running back is dumb enough to run out of bounds in the situation Barber was in. And maybe I hadn’t paid much attention to Matt Prater before, ill make sure I do now. But to say Tebow won this game? No, this time I will not agree with you. I wont agree with you when the kicker has to boot 111 worth of yards in two kicks and score more points (7) than your quarterback (6), MVP of this game is not the defense for the forced fumble nor is it Tebow with his bible and rosary, it is Prater.

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett.. Need I say more?

Ignore the fact that Denver has become the new Americas team. Pay attention to whether one, or even two of these three things, become separated after seasons end. Question, would you be surprised if these pieces were moved? This last game has more to do with the late-game coaching than the quarterbacking, but the offense should’ve been able to drive down the field better than it did on the Cowboys second to last offensive possession. If this season is another bust with no playoff berth, look for the ‘Boys to secretly shop Romo. 

MNF.. Well MNPWF (Monday Night PeeWee Football)

The only thing I was looking forward to Monday night was Marshawn Lynch and Steven Jackson. Not even Jackson fell through so it Lynch and his beastmode that practically saved this game from being completely un-watchable. This season’s MNF games haven’t exactly been the best slate of games, and this game adds on to that. 

Fantasy Update: Playoffs begin this week. And YA BOY made it… O chris did too, but im the better story lol. We face off this weekend.